Hair Australia Ponytails and Tiered Pony Hairstyle

Ponytails are easy to create and maintain, and let’s face it they look fabulous and even flirty. Ponytails are suitable for almost any hair texture or hair colour. The best thing, a ponytail can be styled in just five minutes, and with some practice, you could soon be a ponytail styling master. Ok, you might need a little practice, but that’s where this quick ponytail guide can help!

If you have medium to long length hair, there’s one more thing you need to know. You may sport a better look with a tiered ponytailed. It is very stylish, and you won’t have to spend hours making it look just right. That’s how easy it is. Then you can simply dress it up with a simple, elegant ribbon and voila you should see some heads turning. Ok, so let’s get down to the ponytail styling business.

The essential items you need to create a tiered pony:

  • Smoother strand serum spray
  • Hair ties/ribbons
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Hairspray

How to Get the Look

Step One

Apply the strand smoother serum spray to your hair, and gently comb the product through your hair to create a sleek, smooth and tangle-free hair texture.

Step Two

Using the comb, sweep all your front and top hair towards the back of your head, and use a hair tie or ribbon to secure the hair in a half-up ponytail.

Step Three

Twist the loose hair and gather it into one pony. Then, simply secure both sections of the second low ponytail together.

Final Step

Simply spritz hairspray onto the ponytail, and this finalises the styling process. Now you are right to go to showcase your beautiful creation. For best results, you might like to visit a professional hair salon, but with this guide, you can save some money and still look fabulous!

Besides being a comfortable hairstyle, the tiered ponytail is the most suitable hairstyle to wear when you plan to go to the gym or go for a run in the park. If you have fine hair, work volumising mousse through your hair, applying a bit at a time.

So, whether your hair is straight or wavy or curly, or thick or fine, you can sport an elegant look that’s simple to create, easy to maintain, and it won’t cost you a bundle. Have fun! Look fabulous.