Suggested Styles for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is a hot trend that’s almost always in fashion. While straight hair is well straight, wavy hair resembles a loose S-shape, and you can have a slight S-shape (also known as a smooth wave), or a slightly tighter S-shape (a strong wave, but not curly). Whether the texture of your hair is fine, medium or thick, wavy hair can give your hair the boost and volume you want. But wavy hair is hard to style, and hopefully, this guide will give you some useful tips to help you make your hair more voluminous.

If you’d like to sport the famous ‘Blake Lively’ look, and you have the right length and texture, you have some options! With wavy hair, you can also experiment with shorter hair lengths as naturally, not everyone has long hair. Whether you can’t wait to grow long hair or have already achieved your dream length, we list some wavy hair ideas for you to experiment with.

Currently, one of the most popular hairstyles among many models and celebrities is the Wavy Bob hairstyle. It’s an elegant and stylish style suitable for different hair types. And you have the option to go with or without the bangs as it looks fabulous either way! Use natural hair products and some imagination to go for a smooth or tighter wave.

Then there are the short wavy hairstyle options you can choose from, especially if you’re looking for a total makeover. One example is the Lifted Wavy Bob style. Short and elegant wavy hair provides a lot of lift to a simple wavy bob, which might be most appropriate if you have thinner hair.

Now, if you have thick, wavy hair, you have so many options, right? Lucky, you! But, in the end, whatever hairstyle you choose, we recommend that you work with your hair’s natural texture, and your lifestyle. Looking like a celebrity may sound great in theory, but don’t forget celebrities employ image consultants, professional hairdressers, and a handful of advisors that the rest of us don’t have access to.

That’s fine because with a little bit of imagination and some smart tips we can still look our best.

Lastly, to create the best wavy hairstyle as beautiful as possible don’t forget to explore our list of recommended hair salons. We also have plenty of video tutorials available in our hair online business-listing directory that walk you through the styling procedure step-by-step. The videos are not near as good as seeing a professional hairdresser, but they are always a great start! Good luck.