Top 5 Trendy Australian Hairstyles for Men

These smart and trendy Australian hairstyles for men can suit men of any citizenship. When it comes to hairstyle selection, Australian trends tend to vary depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and age. The choice of hair is also pretty seasonal, so no one hairstyle is “the correct one” as ultimately the style that’s right for you depends on what’s in fashion and how that ties in with your preferences and lifestyle.

We have researched some of the hottest Australian hairstyles for men and report on them below.

1. Disconnected Quiff Undercut


1. disconnected quiff undercut

The most noticeable feature of this hairstyle is the significant difference in hair length between the upper and lower sections of hair. In this style, the difference can mostly be seen between the top, sides, and back parts of the hair. With its versatile and robust look, this cut might be suitable for summer. The fresh feeling that this hairstyle gives you and the flexibility of long hair make this haircut a real classic trend.

2. Midlength Crop

midlength crop


This 70s-influenced midlength crop hairstyle suits guys with wavy, moderate length hair. It is so versatile that you can go for an undercut if it gets longer or you can sport a messy style with longer bangs.

3. Texturised Round Grad

round grad

This hairstyle is likely to be a favourite with the ladies. However, the cut must complement the shape of your face for it to work. This hairstyle may look simple and even unruly, but there is both an art and science to making it look just right.

 4. The Oxford

oxford cut

This is the cut for the gentleman in you. It comes with a conservative style but robust masculine features. It blends the top with the side sections of your hair to maintain more length on top. You will need good quality hair wax to preserve the shape of this elegant hairstyle.

5. Top Knot

top knot

And our favourite hairstyle is the top knot, which is a blend of an undercut and the man bun. Here, the long hair on top is tied up in a ponytail, and the sides are shaved. Ask your hairdresser to try some patterns for that “bad boy” look.